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re smog coupon santee

Smog Coupon Santee

In the past, California had a serious air problem caused by smog.  Since the condition was brought under control, it is a state law that all vehicles must be tested for smog emissions.  It’s not a complicated process but is a requirement.  A licensed technician will attach equipment to your vehicle to measure the level of emissions. The technicians will perform a smog check test that consists of an Emissions Inspection, a Visual Inspection, and a Functional Inspection.  These tests ensure your emissions equipment is in place and operating properly.  In other words, your vehicle’s emission system is properly removing pollutants from its exhaust. You can save money by using this smog coupon San Diego!

When a smog check test is being performed, the measurements are recorded and are immediately available to your state’s agency that is responsible for monitoring smog and emissions.  In California, the information is sent to the Bureau of Automotive Repair or BAR.

What Is Measured During The Smog Check Test:

Emissions that are measured include Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), and Hydrocarbons (HC).  In some cities in the United States that have pollutant problems, the emission test may require measuring the levels of oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Smog and emissions test that is required for DMV car registration will dictate the testing methods or a combination of methods that must be applied.  These tests include the following:

Two Speed Idle or TSI:

The test will evaluate the exhaust emissions from the tailpipe as the engine idles in high and then low speed.  This test is normally performed on older vehicles that were registered before 1995.

Acceleration Simulation Mode or ASM:

Using a dynamometer, the test measures emissions under simulated driving conditions and usually is only performed on older vehicles.  A dynamometer is an instrument that measures the power output of the engine.

On-Board Diagnostics or OBDI:

This information is downloaded from your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics computer.

In Conclusion:

Once the test is completed, the technician will provide you with a copy of the test results known as the Vehicle Inspection Report or VIR and your receipt of payment for the test.  If your vehicle failed the test, you will have to get the problem repaired by a licensed test and repair facility and then have your vehicle tested again.  Keep in mind, any vehicle that has not passed the smog test is not allowed to be driven on public roads and the driver will be fined if caught operating the vehicle.

Emission problems are not expensive and can be repaired very quickly.  If you believe your vehicle will not pass the smog check test, take your vehicle to a licensed facility.  They will perform a check and then make any needed repairs and will then run another test to ensure the vehicle will pass the inspection.

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